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Including Links to Our Content

Without our written permission, the following parties may connect to our official website: the state’s authorities;

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These groups may link to our primary website, publications, or other online material as long as the link fits with the criteria below: (A) It is accurate. It’s not misleading or false in any manner; it’s fit for the site of the party attempting to connect; and it doesn’t indicate sponsorship, support, or approval of the linking party and goods and/or services it offers.

Queries for the perseverance links may also be considered and approved:

  • sources of information often used by enterprises and/or users;
  • dot.com community sites; accounting, law and consulting firms; and
  • commercial groups and educational institutes.

If we decide that(A) the link wouldn’t have a negative effect on us or the firms we’ve accredited;(b) the company has a clean record with us We will accept link requests from these organizations if the criteria are as follows: (a) the link is relevant to general resource information; (b) Taekwondo Fitness will benefit from the link’s exposure; and (c) it will compensate for the absence of Taekwondo Fitness.

These organizations are permitted to link to our home page as long as the link satisfies the following needs: (a) it is not false in any way; (b) it is appropriate for the linking party’s website; and (c) it does not falsely imply charity of, support for, or revision of the linking party and its products or services.

You must send an email to Taekwondo Fitness if you belong to one of the groups mentioned in section 2 above and would want to link to our website. Your request should include your name, your tagline, your contact info, the site address you wish to link to as well as a list of any other sites from which you wish to connect. A answer is likely in two to three weeks.

These are a few examples of approved group links to our website:

  • either by using our company name;
  • by using the URL that is being linked to; or

according to any other accurate description of our website that takes into account the context and content of the linked site. Without a trademark license, linking cannot make use of Taekwondo Fitness’s logo or other works of art.


Without our clear written approval, you are not permitted to put frames over our webpages that alter the graphs or appearance of our website.

Article Liability

Everything that emerges on your website is not our fault..You agree to shield us from any claims made on your website and to defend us if need. No website may view any link(s) that might be treated as vulgar, abusive, or illegal, or that violates, incites the violation of, or infringes upon the dignity of any third party.

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The limitations and omissions of duty described in this Section and elsewhere in this disclaimer: (a) are decided by the sense that “; and (b) apply to all rights deriving from any and all actions. under this disclaimer, including damages for breach of contract, tort, or obligations.

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