What are some examples of Taekwondo weapons

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art known for its powerful kicks and strikes, is not often associated with weapons; however, practitioners may use various traditional and modern weapons during training to hone their skills or learn self-defense techniques. We will discuss here some unique examples of Taekwondo weapons along with their history, purpose, and significance within this martial art form.

Taekwondo Weaponry

Ssangsudo (Twin Knives)

Ssangsudo, also known as twin knives, is a traditional Korean weapon designed with short swords featuring curved blades and distinctive guards – perfect for practicing Taekwondo precision, balance, and coordination! Taekwondo practitioners commonly utilize Ssangsudo when learning these disciplines.

Jukdo (Bamboo Spear) 

Jukdo, or the bamboo spear, is an effective weapon that allows Taekwondo practitioners to practice focus and striking techniques more efficiently. Made of lightweight bamboo material, its design makes Jukdo an effective practice aid.

Dan Bong (Short Stick) 

A Dan Bong made of wood or plastic can be an effective self-defense weapon; Taekwondo students learn to disarm attackers using this weapon effectively.



Made famous by Bruce Lee, the nunchaku is composed of two sticks linked by chains or ropes and used to increase wrist strength and coordination in Taekwondo practice. Although not traditionally Korean in origin, its use as an offensive weapon has gained momentum within modern Taekwondo as it helps develop wrist strength.

By Staff

The Bo staff is an essential tool in Taekwondo training as it allows practitioners to learn striking, blocking, and sweeping techniques – essential weapons for self-defense purposes.

Escrima Sticks

Hailing from the Philippines, Escrima sticks are often utilized in Taekwondo to improve hand-eye coordination and speed. Versatile in use, Escrima sticks can also be utilized both defensively and offensively for attack or defense purposes.

Hwa Rang Do 

Hwa Rang Do, also known as the “Flower of Youth,” is an unconventional martial art style that utilizes multiple weapons such as swords, staves, and spears. Taekwondo practitioners who wish to diversify their arsenal often explore Hwa Rang Do.

Throwing Stars

While Taekwondo does not specialize in training with throwing stars, some practitioners may utilize these weapons for precision and accuracy training. Requiring good hand-eye coordination skills, These small shuriken-like weapons require precise hand-eye coordination for success.

Tekko-Kagi (Tiger Claws)

Tekko-Kagi, commonly referred to as Tiger Claws, are handheld weapons designed to build grip strength and strike precision during Taekwondo training sessions. Although less common than other forms of martial arts weapons, Tekko-Kagi provides a unique training experience.

Rope Dart

A rope dart is a long-range weapon requiring precision and accuracy, consisting of a metal dart attached to a rope. Taekwondo practitioners use rope darts as training aids as well as to explore new combat scenarios.

Combinations for Unique Weaponry Solutions

Taekwondo with Bo Staff and Nunchaku

Some advanced Taekwondo practitioners combine Bo staff and nunchaku to produce visually striking and highly effective routines, showcasing Taekwondo’s artistic ability and adaptability. This practice showcases its artistry.

Taekwondo and Eskrima Stick Techniques

By integrating Eskrima stick techniques with Taekwondo, practitioners can develop an efficient fighting style suited for different situations and opponents. This enhanced versatility increases their capacity to adapt quickly.

Taekwondo and Hwa Rang Do Fusion

For those interested in exploring both martial arts disciplines simultaneously, the combination of Taekwondo and Hwa Rang Do provides a comprehensive training regimen utilizing multiple weapons for deeper insight into combat techniques.

Taekwondo Weapons

Taekwondo weapons By mastering weapons in Taekwondo practicers not only increase their combat abilities but also their mental strength and focus.


Training extends far beyond physical skills development; it encompasses its core principles of discipline, respect, and self-improvement.

Taekwondo may be best known for its explosive kicks and strikes, but it also offers numerous weapons training opportunities. From traditional Korean Ssangsudo weapons to nunchaku and Hwa Rang Do, Taekwondo practitioners have access to an abundance of options for expanding their skills and developing their understanding of martial arts.

Now you may be asking how to begin Taekwondo weapons training. Let us answer some frequently asked questions to give you additional insights.


  1. Can Anyone Learn Taekwondo Weapons? Although anyone is welcome to learn. An expert teacher is always worth looking out for Taekwondo weapons to ensure safety and give the right instruction.
  2. May self-defense go out with Martial arts?
    Yes, many Martial arts can be used to teach students self-defense techniques that will protect themselves.
  3. Is an advanced Taekwondo practitioner required to learn weapons?
  4. No. Beginners can begin learning weapons as part of their basic Taekwondo training, further developing their martial arts abilities.
  5. How long will it take me to become proficient in Taekwondo weapons? This depends on each person – regular practice and dedication are essential in developing proficiency in martial arts.
  6. Where can I access additional resources and information regarding Mart’s training? For additional resources and information related to Martial arts training, click here.
  7. Implementing weapons into your Taekwondo practice can add depth to your martial arts journey. While at the same time keeping its ancient Korean origins alive.

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